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Jessica Baldino

Jessica Baldino

Graduate Volunteer
Jessica Baldino (she/her) is an undergraduate volunteer at Creative Psychological Health Services. She aids staff and conducts other creative therapeutic strategies. She is a student at Towson University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

About Jessica Baldino

Jessica is an undergraduate senior pursuing a psychology degree with an interest in clinical psychology work at Towson University.

Jessica is looking to gain hands-on experience in the world of clinical psychology, while also learning more about the expressive side of therapy. She aims to create a book club and workshops where children can learn more about their own feelings through reading and completing creative, therapeutic activities. She is eager to engage with everyone and looking forward to forming new relationships.

Working with individuals who struggle with anxiety is a big part of Jessica’s career interests, as she’s had her own challenges with this. Being able to impact a child through assisting them in understanding what they’re experiencing and working through feelings in creative manners brings a sense of purpose and alignment.