Mental health therapy for children, teens, adults & families in Catonsville & Frederick Maryland.
Keren Diaz

Keren Diaz

Undergraduate Volunteer
Keren Diaz (she/her) is a volunteer at Creative Psychological Health Services. She assists and supports staff members while engaging and learning from the professional experience. She is a student at the University of Baltimore pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and creative writing.

About Keren Diaz

Keren Diaz (she/her) is a third-year student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and creative writing with a focus on expression therapy at the University of Baltimore. 

Most of Keren’s time is spent working with children in one-on-one and classroom settings. She prioritizes providing creative outlets to encourage their imagination, ideas, and communication. Working with children required her to experience life through the lens of saturated colors and endless opportunities, and she found herself inspired to pursue a field that facilitates their emotional, social and intellectual needs as well. 

From music to poetry, creativity has been a special piece of herself since she can remember. Keren is on her path to finding her niche in this field. Whether it be a purple sky with blue clouds or bubblegum trees with licorice houses, her goal is to inspire others to be pathfinders, innovators, and advocators of their world.