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Laci Radford

Laci Radford

Master's Therapist Intern
Laci Radford (they/them) is a master’s level intern at Loyola University Maryland, where they are currently pursuing a Master of Science in Clinical Professional Counseling. They have more than a decade of experience working with diverse populations of children and adolescents. They’re passionate about fighting for and working with marginalized/oppressed groups and the LGBTQIA+ community. Their areas of interest include anxiety, depression, trauma, neurodivergence, and mindfulness.

About Laci Radford

Laci (they/them) is naturally drawn towards expressive forms of therapy such as music, art, play, nature, and sand tray therapy. Through empathy and a “come as you are” attitude, Laci is able to create a safe space for all to feel seen. They strive to be the person they so desperately needed as a child. Laci’s favorite things include Halloween, gardening, music, cats, comic books, fun earrings, kitchen dance parties, 90’s toys, and stuffed animals.

Training and Education

Laci is a second-year graduate level intern attending Loyola University Maryland, where they are currently pursuing a Master of Science in Clinical Professional Counseling. They received their bachelor’s degree in psychology from Argosy University in 2011. Prior to starting at Loyola, they worked for 10 years at the Howard County Library System as a Children's Instructor and Research Specialist, where they frequently designed programs for children focused on inclusion and expression. Laci's favorite topics included multicultural awareness/celebrations, rainbow pride, and sensory experiences. When not working at the library, Laci continued their education through a variety of inclusive training and certificate programs, including earning their TESL and Master Gardener certifications. Laci feels incredibly lucky to be joining the Creative Psychological team and can’t wait to continue to nurture their skillset and bring their passion and knowledge into such a magical space.

Supervisor: Rachel Altvater, Psy.D., RPT-S

Therapeutic Approach

Laci is interested in client-centered, holistic, multicultural, feminist theory, integrative, attachment-style, and most of all play and expressive arts as their therapeutic approaches. They’re looking forward to using their knowledge of diverse books in a bibliotherapy setting. They believe that what can’t always be said through words can be expressed in so many other beautiful ways.  They deeply value creating a safe space for all to unapologetically be themselves. Laci’s very excited to work with children and adolescents on their therapeutic journey and help find what works best for each unique individual. Through a multicultural lens, Laci is always ready to support a diverse population.

Have no fear, they very much enjoy working with adolescents and adults, too! Some specific groups that they're passionate about/specialties: LGBTQIA+, gender/gender identity, marginalized persons, neurodivergent, polyamory and ethical non-monogamy (also, kink-aware), C-PTSD, and trauma.

Positionality Statement

I, Laci Radford, am a white trans non-binary, queer, polyamorous, neurodivergent, 1st generation college student, and expressive arts therapist in training. I’m passionate about mental health, music, dance, books, and nature. I have a strong awareness that the foundation of helping others, and even of empathy itself, is rooted in inclusivity and a liberatory framework. The myriad needs of individuals are not a story only told by biology, or the circumstances of their home life, but also by the challenges they face in society at large. It cannot be overstated how important it is to be sensitive, attentive, and empathetic to these aspects of an individual's struggles and experiences. More than anything else, giving people this form of empathy is tantamount to giving them the honor and respect they deserve. Each of us is unique and worthy of being celebrated and cared for.