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Emilee Stoner

Emilee Stoner

Therapist, LMSW
Emilee Stoner (she/her) is a Licensed Master of Social Work. Emilee is passionate about meeting people where they are and aiding them in expressing themselves through creative methods, especially when spoken words may not be enough to articulate their feelings. She specializes in child and adolescent mental health, trauma, and therapeutic use of play. Emilee is dedicated to working with families and children of all ages and addressing human struggles, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

About Emilee Stoner

Emilee’s motivation is driven by the belief that every child deserves a safe and nurturing space to grow and heal. She aims to provide a comfortable therapeutic environment to offer the opportunity to meet the child where they are in order to best understand them. Emilee is passionate about allowing each child to enter therapy with their full personality and desires to foster and engage with their natural strengths. She also wants to normalize adults taking time to play. Emilee enjoys building Legos, watching Disney, and playing video games. 

Training and Education 

Emilee Stoner is a Licensed Master of Social Work in the state of Maryland with over 8 years of experience in the Human Services field. Emilee graduated from Pennsylvania Western University (previously, Edinboro University) with a Master’s of Social Work. She received her Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Edinboro as well. Prior to receiving her LMSW, she gained extensive experience working with youth and their families, including populations of Juvenile Justice and those who lack basic necessities. She spent her internships in a trauma-informed transition classroom at a local middle school and in a private practice setting fostering play therapy techniques. She has provided therapeutic care in both individual and group settings. Emilee is currently in her third and final phase of the Registered Play Therapy certification.

Supervisor: Julianne Meagher, LCSW-C, RPT-S

Therapeutic Approach 

Emilee is passionate about providing children and families with a safe and trusting environment to express their feelings, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential. She deeply values and believes in the therapeutic powers of play, as play is the universal language for children, and it offers an opportunity to express thoughts, feelings, and experiences that may be difficult to convey verbally. She also strives to create a therapeutic environment that is effective and enjoyable for children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Emilee utilizes a mixture of child and clinician-led techniques within the playroom, tailoring specific needs of the child. She enjoys incorporating play, art, and other creative, expressive outlets that align with client preference to build meaningful relationships and support therapeutic growth.

Emilee provides teletherapy services only.