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Patrick Wisor

Patrick Wisor

Therapist, LGPC
Patrick Wisor (he/him) is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. He has over 7 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. His areas of interest include anxiety and depression, and he incorporates technology and play/expressive-based therapies in his treatment.

About Patrick Wisor

Now more than ever, humans need an outlet to express themselves creatively, and this looks different for each person. Where younger children may prefer to play with toys, adolescents and adults may express themselves through technology. Patrick believes that each individual knows the best way to express their emotions, and hopes to join them in their worldview and work alongside them to address and solve significant stressors in their lives.

Training and Education 

Patrick earned a Master’s in Clinical Professional Counseling from Loyola University Maryland. He received his Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and English from Loyola University Maryland in 2021. Patrick has extensive experience working with children and adult populations in addressing various concerns, such as violence and homelessness. One of his favorite experiences is working alongside the founder and director of the Little Friends For Peace program in Mt. Rainier, MD, MJ Park, in the Peace Room and as a volunteer mentor, which allowed him to experience, learn, practice and teach peace skills to children and adults to discover new gifts within themselves and others. Additionally, he has worked with an adult population while preparing and serving food while providing companionship to the homeless in the community of St. Jerome’s Catholic Church in Hyattsville, MD. Patrick is thrilled to join the Creative team and bring his knowledge and skills to the table of an already gifted team. 

Supervisor: Veronica (Vero) Cloonan, Ph.D., LPC/S, RPT-S

Therapeutic Approach 

Patrick utilizes a person-centered approach for clients of all ages. Patrick believes that play and expressive-based therapies are the best way to let our creativity flow, and he is not hesitant to bring technology into the equation. Patrick has begun to practice mainly from a behaviorist perspective, but will integrate eclectic therapy to find the treatment plan that is best for each client. Patrick has taken multiple courses on diversity in therapy and hopes to work with a wide variety of clients that can express their salient identities proudly. Patrick also hopes to offer a safe space where each client can work with him in developing the course of action that is best for them.